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Subject: love
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beniboye 1.03.13 - 01:09pm
can u continue with a relation that cost u heart break for three time *

jibawa 15.03.13 - 08:37pm
No naver cos it may cos me t die *

t.babe 1.07.13 - 05:07pm
neva,dahz too much! *

hy2dey 4.07.13 - 10:58pm
Y nt. U never can tell if is ur husband or wife *

t.babe 5.07.13 - 07:23am
u'right! @ hy2dey.... *

beniboye 11.07.13 - 12:18am
i guess that the relationship will be without trust if he or she continous. *

uniquely 29.07.13 - 09:39am
Yea but wit out trust *

uniquely 1.08.13 - 09:32am
Can u allow ur sister or bro.2 date ur former boy/girl friend? *

beniboye 6.08.13 - 08:47pm
No.i cant allow it *

uniquely 14.08.13 - 12:34pm
I will if am d one dat broke d relationship but not me neuer will it happen. *

beniboye 21.08.13 - 10:30pm
No i can't even thought am the one that broke the relationship.thank u for ur participation and ur reply.u will be the group moderator.thank u.hope to hav a nice chat with u. *

uniquely 23.08.13 - 11:06am
Thankz@Beniboye *

uniquely 30.08.13 - 09:25pm
Does tribe matter in choosing a life partner? *

sethboyz 14.09.13 - 11:07pm
if ur boy/girl frend is taken away by a wel knw person wat wil be ur faith *

beniboye 15.09.13 - 05:57pm
It will be painful,but there's nothing i can do.it means she never loves me at the first place. *

uniquely 2.12.13 - 04:15pm
My heart will b broken but can do notin. *

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