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Subject: Religion and sacrifice
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beniboye 25.03.13 - 11:05pm
Can a religion be practise without sacrifice *

jibawa 27.03.13 - 11:13am
For you to sacrefy wil make U strong an standert in de religion activities *

beniboye 28.03.13 - 04:44pm
thank u,but do u think that sacrifice really make one serious with his religion. *

uniquely 29.07.13 - 09:47am
Wit out sacrifice one can't b committed 2 d religion. *

animjos 17.10.13 - 06:01pm
Yes *

xehrax2 1.05.14 - 12:37pm
sacrifice most b part of every gud person.it must b part ov our daily activities.so,it must b part ov our life which is our religion. *

beniboye 25.05.14 - 09:41am
I appreciate for ur comment hope to see ur topic too. *

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